Outsourcing of Medical writing services to India

The need for quality medical writing services is growing exponentially, both globally and in India. Pharmaceutical companies have begun considering new services that can be contracted to outside firms and increasingly want to shift non-core activities to offshore locations to meet development goals and lower costs.

The outsourcing of medical writing services has been on the rise globally over the past decade and has taken a significant leap from the year 2005.  According to CenterWatch analysis, the medical writing market has more than doubled in size during the past five years, increasing from an estimated $345 million in 2003 to $694 million in 2008. In addition, a 2005 CenterWatch Vendor & Outsourcing Survey found that medical writing was the 4th most frequently contracted service from contract research organizations (CROs), following monitoring, data management and drug supply management. The same survey reported that 41% of respondents used outsourced medical writing services. CROs report that demand for medical writing services has increased both as part of full-service outsourcing agreements, where the medical writing team produces documents such as protocols and clinical study reports as part of the bundled service for a project, and also for stand-alone medical writing work, such as preparing regulatory documents required in the drug approval process. In addition to the rise in demand for regulatory medical writing, another growth area involves converting data from clinical trials or post-marketing studies into manuscripts in order to publish scientific and clinical findings.  The newest forecasts do not show signs of a slow-down in this trend. Recent analyses suggest the global CRO market will grow with a compound annual growth rate of 9.83% between 2014 and 2019.


In India, the demand for medical writing services have been continually increasing over the past couple of years. Currently, medical writing is being viewed as a rewarding profession with long term career prospects as compared to previously when it used to be a stepping stone into other roles. This field has undergone significant expansion in India due to the ongoing global demand for new talent able to deliver good quality medical writing in English. In parallel to demand from global companies, the local need for quality medical writing services has also increased in recent years. Many Indian biopharmaceutical companies have their own medical writing teams but are increasingly outsourcing their work as well. As the Indian pharmaceutical industry increases clinical development activities targeting both Indian and other markets such as Europe and US, there is a growing need for experienced medical writers able to prepare the complex documents required for regulatory submission dossiers.


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